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A small prototype investigating a trust system.

The game itself is in a "toy state" when all the animals are dead, you are done. Lonely, entirely alone. Nothing to do anymore but walking left and right...

We took inspiration for this project from the song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper".


The reaper walks with A and D and adopts animals with W.
To enter the caring menu, press S when you have animals following you.
When selected an animal, just press S again to take care of the animal through feeding, patting or swapping it to another position.


Kevin Anderson - Art

Ruta Sapoka - Art

David Naussed - Programming  

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Tags2D, Animals, Cute, death, Pixel Art, Virtual Pet


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cool prototype, i like the concept! the art is super beautiful and I love the glowy effect on the pets, really gives off a "mystifying" feel if you know what I mean. sweet to experience, only thing is I'm not exactly sure what the switching positions options are for, like is there is a reason why we need to switch positions? Anyway, great music, great art, great concept, great prototype haha! :D

i really like the background