The life of a lost toy is no playdate.

Fight your way out of a lost and found box into freedom, hopefully.

Find what you lost.


WASD or arrows for movement

Space for attacking

Esc to go back to main menu

This game was created during a 36 hour period for the Global Game Jam 2021


Kevin Andersson - Art

Ruta Sapoka - Background art

Arvid Kallin  - Sound

David Naussed - Programming

Piratux - Programming

Thank you for playing our game!


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fun game, the consistent "I love you" was oddly terrifying LOL anyway, the first couple times I played this, I was utterly confused as to why I was losing my weapon all the time, but then realized that when I get too close to the enemies, they steal my weapon! a genius afterthought haha anyways, I enjoyed playing this, great work!

very nice